One-on-One Personal Training at Competitive Edge Athletics allows you to learn safe proper technique and the fundamentals of a successful health and fitness program in a more private setting and is the most effective way to achieve your individual health and fitness goals.
Personal Training is recommended if you have issues with consistency in your workouts, have been sedentary for an extended period, or are training for a competition.
Personal Training is also suggested if you have significant physical and health limitations or just prefer a more individualized program and system of accountability.


Competitive Edge Athletics has a full-sized boxing ring in our Port Washington location so the workout is more than punching bags. 
Our professional boxing trainers teach boxing techniques that strengthen the body, increase endurance, build muscle, and boost your confidence, while burning up to 1,000 calories in one hour!


Your workout results can improve significantly by using the Certified Sports Nutritionists at Competitive Edge Athletics. 
They can expertly guide you on the most effective ways to replace energy and nutrients used during exercise and make sure that your body recovers and has the fuel necessary for peak performance for your next workout.


If your goal is weight loss and you have not been successful or can’t keep the weight off do not be discouraged.  Sometimes it is simply the role of genetics.  
However, at Competitive Edge Athletics we have the knowledge, experience, training equipment and certified experts to help you Defy your DNA and Meet your Weight Loss goals.


No longer just for elite or professional athletes, Competitve Edge Athletics can help the recreational sports enthusiast to maximize his/her potential on and off the field.
Our Certified Trainers will push you past your limits, but is safe and designed specifically for you.