Edward O’Boyle –
Head Personal Trainer

Eddie is a former pro boxer, with over 35 years of experience in the boxing industry. He specializes in strength and conditioning for athletes, both collegiate and professional. Eddie has competed in many marathons, races, and Spartan competitions. He is constantly challenging his clients to push themselves to reach their maximum potential. 

Dave "Scooter" –
Head Personal Trainer

Dave “Scooter” Honig - Personal trainer and Nutritional Consultant Scooter designs specialized programs for all types of sports, and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist.  Scooter’s client list includes entertainers LL Cool J, Leonardo DiCaprio, Fantasia, Tyler Perry and more. He has trained world champion fighters such as Luis Collazo, Zab Judah, Oleg Maskaev, Rick Roufus, Vivian Harris, Joan Guzman, Jameel McCline, and Dimitry Salita. Scooter has co-authored several books including Ringside Training Principles and his New York Times Best Seller, LL Cool J’s Platinum Workout and Platinum 360.  He has appeared on VH1, E!, Access Hollywood, Extra, The Martha Stewart Show, The View, The Today Show, The Rachael Ray Show and The Tyra Banks Show.


Vincenzo D’Angelo –
Pro Boxer and Personal Trainer

Vinny made his professional boxing debut on July 20th 2013, he is currently 2-0. He is a former Golden Gloves champion, as well as a runner up. Vinny is a world and national grappling champion and holds a black belt in Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing, and Brazilian Jujitsu. He has been a personal trainer at CEA for the past 8 years, and has been around the fitness industry since he was a child, and comes from a family of 5 fighters. 

Margaret O'Boyle –
Group Fitness Intructor
Margaret is the owner and co-founder of CEA Fitness Bayside; she is also a proud student in its classes too! Her life is devoted to fitness; she believes that the best motivators to permanent success in achieving one’s ideal body aesthetic is discipline, perseverance and consistency. Her entire family is devoted to the fitness industry so it was only natural that she became a fitness and boot camp certified instructor. You can find her sweating right alongside you in class!

Lucianio D’Angelo –
Personal Trainer

Luch has over 10 years of experience in teaching both kids and adults in Mixed Martial Arts, and Self Defense. He comes from a family of five fighters. He is a former world and national champion in Brazilian Jujitsu. He holds a purple belt in BJJ, a black belt in kickboxing, and a black belt in Mixed Martial Arts. Luch competed in the 2011 Golden Gloves Tournament.


Ethan Geffen
Personal Trainer

Ethan is an active amateur, Muay Thai Champion, regularly competing in the east coast and has been involved with sports his whole life. His goal is to become a professional athlete. Ethan has taught group classes for five years, while also doing personal training sessions for kickboxing and Muay Thai. Ethan loves to help people reach their goals and gain confidence in themselves. 

Meaghan Capobianco –
Personal Trainer
Meaghan has a no-nonsense approach to training and has 10 years of experience in the fitness industry. She pushes and encourages her clients to their absolute maximum potential. Her workouts include kickboxing and physical conditioning, specializing in kettle bell and core routines. Meaghan holds a certificate from PTI - personal training institute.

George Walton – Former Pro Boxer and Personal Trainer
George is a former professional boxer, who boasted an impressive 20-4 record (12TKO). He hails from Harlem, NY and has been around boxing his entire life. George is also a Golden Gloves champion. He was featured in an Oscar nominated sports documentary entitled “Against the Ropes,” which follows three aspiring boxers as they climb the boxing ladder while dealing with the internal and external struggles.


Jake Diorio
Personal Trainer

Jake is currently studying nutrition and exercise science while training for the Golden Gloves. He has been training in boxing for over 5 years and applies rigorous calisthenics and body strengthening exercises to his class routines. His approach to fitness is simple and straightforward: eat right, train hard, and get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Arianthe Vangelatos –
Personal Trainer

Arianthe is an amateur boxer trained by our head trainers at CEA. She has 14 years of experience and is AFAA certified. Her love for boxing evolved into a passion for teaching group fitness and inspiring others to make fitness a lifestyle. Arianthe gives back to community by frequently running charity races. She leads by example to her two beautiful children by making fitness a priority in her families' lives.
"There is nothing more fulfilling than being able to make a difference in someone else's life.”

Justin Jefferson – 
Personal Trainer

Justin is a fitness professional dedicated to Health and Wellness. He is determined to find new ways to put an end to the obesity epidemic. His specialty involves flexibility and mobility, which he incorporates into his personal training routines. Justin recently joined the CEA family, and we are thrilled to have him. He has been a trainer for over 6 years and has experience with Issa CPT, FMS, Metabolic Training, Kettlebell Athletics, Precision Nutrition and he is certified from the National Corporate Fitness Institute.


Danielle Mallis –
Personal Trainer

Danielle has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. She is a certified AFAA trainer and is CPR/AED certified. Her passion is fitness and her greatest desire is to help others live a strong and healthy lifestyle.

George Mouras –
Personal Trainer

George was a proud student of CEA for 10 years before becoming an instructor. Like his wife Margaret, his life is devoted to fitness and he has extensive experience in the industry across multiple disciplines. George is known for his military style “boot camp” classes that, while being rigorous, remain functionally sound and injury preventative. He takes pride in helping his students alleviate pain through a combination of body strengthening routines and overall cardiovascular health. People come to George’s classes and expect it to be intense and they know they’re going to feel great when they leave!